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Energy-efficient products deliver the same (or more) services for less energy while helping to protect the environment. Using less energy decreases the amount of energy needed from power plants thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of our air. Energy efficiency helps the economy too, by saving consumers and businesses millions of dollars in energy costs.


Energy-efficient solutions can reduce the energy bill for many homeowners and businesses by 20 to 30 percent.


Brighten your home—and your future

We may not always take notice of it, but lighting plays a huge role in our lives. It affects our ability to work, play, eat, study, relax, and sleep. Lighting can greatly affect our moods and promote our overall sense of comfort, security and well being.

Despite its importance, lighting is often overlooked when looking for ways to reduce our overall energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels, but its energy use adds up fast. In fact, the energy use from lighting accounts for 12 percent of the electricity we use in our homes.

Fortunately, today’s energy-efficient lighting technologies allow you to illuminate your home for less without compromising on quality or convenience. Read through this section and you’ll find all the answers you’ll need to make savvy—and beautiful—lighting decisions for your home.







It’s not about sacrifice

A lingering misconception about lighting is that energy-efficient bulbs require a sacrifice of light quality, aesthetics, or convenience.

It’s true that at one time some CFLs were slow to reach their full brightness, and their light wasn’t as warm as incandescent bulbs, but technology has come a long way since. CFLs turn on quickly and are available in warm, neutral or cool light.

Overall, consumer choice has expanded vastly. True energy-efficient bulbs are ENERGY STAR qualified and come in a wide variety of styles and functionality. Now it’s easy to find energy-efficient bulbs that deliver the features and light you want.


Good for your home, budget and planet

Smart, energy-efficient lighting choices not only beautify your home environment, they help beautify the planet’s environment. They also save you money on your electric bill. Sure, they cost a bit more at first, but over time they generate substantial savings.

So if someone tells you energy-efficient bulbs cost too much, or don’t work well, you can set them straight. Because you’ve seen the light.

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